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In this case, what is defined as former department?

... spot. Contract states upon returning, "Employee will return to their former department, (and bump the newest guy out)" Could that be ...

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I got a 0.55 ml filler yesterday & after the procedure I noticed bumps

I got a 0.55 ml lip augmentation done yesterday , and after the procedure I noticed bumps on the side of my top lip, and as the time has gone they ...

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I was reversing out of a car park and I thought my parking sensor was on (it wasn't) and....

...the next thing I know I bump the parked car at the side of the road. I got out and saw minor scratches on both my car and the parked car. I ...

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How to make my tooth grow in faster?

Hello, I am a teenager and about a year ago I noticed a bump above my incisor tooth and later I realized that it was an adult tooth ...

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My hamster has a large pink bum on his/her back and I don't know what it is. Help plz?!?

I don't know if it is a girl or a boy, I can't tell, does that have ...

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Is my nose broken or bruised>?

So me and brother were fooling and i kneed myself in the nose. Dont ask how. My nose hurts very little and i have a bump on the bone part. ...

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Sex - I recently started feeling a bump at the base of my penis but in the pubic hair. After maybe a

... week it I just kept noticing it. Then I went and shaved my pubic ...

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Bumps/lumps on my penis?

Hello, I am 15, and I have some bumps that are small and not as well noticeable, and then I have 1 big one, and sometimes if I squeeze it, it ...

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