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Is it okay to move my gerbils cage around a lot?

I have two gerbils that I keep in a ten gallon glass tank and I move them to the living room with me during the day and then back to my bedroom at ...

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Budgie Cage for 2?

Hello there. I'm looking to get 2 budgies, but I don't know what size cage I should get them. Any ideas?

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Can anyone help me finding a name to a video game from years ago?

My dad and I used to play this game together on the PS2 console. It was about a little not who saves a ...

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Hedgehogs eye bleeding?

My brother has a hedgehog which he keeps alone in its cage. Today we saw that his eye was very swollen. When my brother picked him up he started ...

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How to stop a parakeet from biting you?

I got 4 parakeets i starting training one of them about 2-3 day ago he steps on my finger inside the cage and is becoming ...

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Can breathing in gecko feces make me sick?

I have a roommate who has 10 geckos in tiny plastic cages in our shared bathroom. She feeds them once a month and never cleans ...

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