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Family of Cancer patient looking for help, WHERE can we go?

Son was diagnosed 4.5 years ago and we are still struggling. He has 4 sisters. We lost everything when he was diagnosed. Gave up wedding and got ...

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Is lil wayne really dying???

Im following lil wayne on facebook and i seen he posted on there about his skin cancer and that he was dying soon. So i looked it up online ...

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My best friend has cancer?

My best friend in the entire world was diagnosed with leukimia in december. She's going to be in hospital until October. Now, at school i ...

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I am in true love with my gf, But the problem is that she is having blood cancer.What will I do?

I fall in love with a girl,She loves me too...But she has blood cancer,I ...

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How long can you live with brain cancer?

Brain cancer is a type of cancer you can get in the brain. Brain cancer is the growth in the brain cells. After this happens it ...

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How to get affected by Lung Cancer or Blood Cancer ?

I am pursing MBA in Hospitality, and I am writing a thesis on Cancer. My question is, "How to get affected by ...

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