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How can I convince my Mom to get me a cat?

How should I convince my mom to allow us to have a pet cat? My dad and sisters are fine with it, but we still have to convince our mom. I've ...

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My year old or so cat (now) has been eating Purina Kit Kaboodle Original kind since she’s been...

...eating hard food, it took her over 5 months to actually eat hard food and I had to feed her cat replacement milk in a bowl till she did. ...

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Bing - Why is my cats fur always really smooth when I get home from a trip?

Whenever i leave the house for a few days my cats fur is always silky smooth when i get back. my parents take care of him while im gone and they do ...

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How do you know if a cat is pregant?

what do they act like?what color nipples?

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How do you ask your parents to get you a kitten?

I'm responsible. Okay? My mom is only mildly allergic to dogs and we have a hair-tastic one. My dad GREW UP with ...

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Is there anything technology can't do?

if a computer can tap your brain and let people see what a cat is looking at with a TV would it be possible to record what the sees ...

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How do I convince my dad to get me a kitten?

My mom is A-okay with it. That is SO cool, I thought SHE'D be the tough one. My dad, though, well, he grew up with cat ...

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Why do cats purr?

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