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How do I make a mold out of snow?

I've seen molds made out of wood, clay, concrete, marble, and etc. How about snow? I found a cat's pawprints in the snow by my front door. ...

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How to grieve after the loss of a cat?

So my cat died earlier this morning from either a seizure or a stroke. He had cancer and had a tumor on his spleen. The vet people said that they ...

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How do I make my cat happy?

My cat scratches me sometimes she never follows me she just lays down and sometimes plays around but i feel like shes sad.please tell me how i ...

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How to stop my cats spraying?

I am 18, live with my mum and have 2 siblings that live with me and 1 that lives with my dad. I have had my cats for over 7 years, they have ...

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Animals - Do you like dogs or cats better?

Me and my friend are having a competition, in general, do you like cats or dogs better?

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Random Question?

What animal do people on Ask like the best? ·Lion ·Cat ·Dog ·Goat ...

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Can I use Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops on my cat?

My kitten is less than a year old and I have noticed that he has discharge coming out of his eye, he is always ...

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