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Is it normal that when I'm writing, I feel what my character feels?

I see that whenever I am writing a story I always feel what my character feels. Like if my character is angry, I instantly feel what anger for the ...

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Google - What are the desktop PC specifications of Elliot Alderson's desktop PC ?

Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) is a character in the series called "Mr Robot" started in 2015

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What is the Naruto manga character and who created it?

Is a Naruto a series?

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I'm writing a romance novel. I need a first name for a girl with the last name Hershey. Any help?

The character's description: She has blonde hair (somewhat long) ...

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Where to find a invader zim gir jacket with ears?

green jacket that have ears on hood and a character named gir on invader zim(show that was canceled on nick)

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Any good anime?

I really need a good anime to watch. Im thinking of an anime filled with action, sad scenes and really funny scenes. I love when the character is against ...

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