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Why my Snapchat sometimes shows I took screenshot of chat while I don’t take any screenshots?

Recently sometimes when i use to talk to in Snapchat it shows that i took screenshot of the chat but i never do that sometimes it even shows that i ...

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Advice on what vibe I'm getting on someone?

So i have this friend that I met through the internet, we've talked a lot, and had a few video chats as well- so i know at least they're a ...

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Craziest Thing You Ever Saw On Good Ol Yahoo Chat?

Be as detailed as need be, telling me the wildest thing you saw on Yahoo Chat, including the time period in which it happened, or at least a good ...

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I found that my boyfriend has sent a naked picture of himself to another guy, please help?

I went through his phone and seen he had been reading forums on sexuality and ...

5 answers | | Open

How to disable chat on snapchat?

Hi, Does anyone know how to disable snapchat chat? I have few celebrities on snapchat and i can't send them chat at all That's ...

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Facebook chat always says 1min?

My friend on facebook is online but it always says next to her name 1min even when shes online what does this mean is she offline but ...

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Who wants to chat?

let's chat sorry I'm really bord and nobody's on Facebook? so chat with me!

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Now that the old MSN chat rooms are gone, are there any places set up in a similar fashion?

the only rp chat I can find now are forums you have to join and I'd ...

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