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Organic Chemistry?


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My ISC aggregate percentage is 56.6%. But if my marks are taken as the best of 4 then it becomes 63%

By taking English, Bengali, maths, and chemistry. Can I officially use the best of 4 marks in applications for government jobs?

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CH4+2O2 -> CO2 +2H2O?

I have the chemistry equation. CH4+2O2 -> CO2 +2H2O how many grams of CO2 are produced from 125g of O2 and excess CH4? I got 172g and says is ...

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What is methane gas used for?

methane gas is natural

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Hellllppppp, having a hard time with chemistry question!!! its simple, I just dont know what to do?

A student placed 12.5 g of glucose (C6H12O6) in a volumetric flask, ...

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Ladies: which guy would you rather marry?

Guy A: PROS: Passionate Fun Charismatic Sexy Lot's of attraction and chemistry kind/great morals great dad intelligent ...

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