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Does anybody know the height of Christ church gate in Canterbury?

I have a question about Christ church gate in Canerbury. I've been searching a lot, but I couldn't find it...does anybody know the height ...

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Religion - Who was Jesus praying to in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Many believe Jesus Christ is God and that he is part of some three-headed godship/entity. If that were so, then why would he need to pray at all if ...

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Can I be a Christian and a Buddhist?

I'm in a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and have been for some time, but I'm also in love with Buddha. Both Jesus and Buddha know ...

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Why do I need to be like christ for god to accept me?

one of the questions i've had for a while. why can't i just acknowledge that god is my one true god and be ...

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Never been baptized or been to church , I believe in Jesus n god would they believe in me n love me

Please help am I wasting my time cause I was born with no religion , ...

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Who is Jesus christ?

Jesus from the Bible.

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When do you think the rapture will occur?

The bible says the generation of the esaplishmeant of Jerusalem. That occurred in 1948. the bibles generation is some were ...

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