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Spirit - will I be allowed to take cigarettes with me. Also I'll be moving before I fly.

Will I need to show new address? Is my drivers license OK since it has the same address as my ticket does?

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Would “number of cigarettes smoked per day” be Ordinal or ratio discrete data?

Because I am unsure whether to undertake a parametric or non-parametric t-test with my data. I’m testing to see if there is a significant ...

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Is it illegal to smoke herbal cigarettes underage?

Hi I am 19 and my younger 14 year old brother has been telling me he has been feeling pressured from his friends to smoke tobacco cigarettes ...

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Enterprise rental car Com; How much they charge for Cigarette Burn damages to car seat fabric?

As per enterprise rental do we have to pay back any Cigarette Burn damages ...

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Are electronic cigarettes safe?

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Smoking Cigarettes question?

Ive been smoking cigarettes for 2 years and I started off with non menthol and after a few months I quit. when I got back on it I smoked ...

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What is an electric cigarette?

An electronic cigarette can come in many different shapes and sizes. The two main types are disposable (non rechargeable) and rechargeable. ...

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