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I work in a field where the prescription monitoring is used and I get my prescriptions filled....

...there and I take a benzodiazepine. I have started going to a methadone clinic and want to know if that shows up on the prescription monitoring ...

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Dog randomly attacks dog that he used to get along well with?

I work in a vet clinic so typically a lot of behaviors I see in my dogs, I ve seen before. This time I can t seem to figure out what they could be ...

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Is there a free pet clinic in Kitchener, Ontario?

My cat has a crooked claw which grows in a painful way causing her to limp. I am 15 and don't work, I don't have the money to take her to ...

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What is the most popular dental tool in one dental clinic?

Modern dentistry is one of booming field. As the development of dental technology, we can protect our from ...

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Mole Removal Process?

I'm getting a mole on my back removed. its about a cm, the lady at the clinic said they would probably have to take at least 3 cm of skin. I ...

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Is swearing at someone online in a chat illegal in India?

I did it because he wrongly diagnosed me? So I went to a clinic's online chat where the guy said something ...

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Is skin rash treatable at skin clinics?

Is skin rash treatable at skin clinics?

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I have a chlaymedia and he told others?

I haven't had sex for 8 months, no contact t with guys in physically way until I had sex with this guy from work. I was at ...

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