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In Bankland the banks are closed on two consecutive days, but not Saturday and Sunday.

You can deposit and check with the cashier or, when the banks are closed, at the box outside the bank. Check processing always starts on the first ...

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My friends Chevy Cobalt popped a coolant hose out of the clip?

The one from reservoir to engine. What would cause this? Closed thermostat? Radiator cap? A few months ago, I replaced the black plastic piece the ...

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Anyone ever close their eyes and focus on a vivid image that appears?

Has anyone ever closed their eyes and focused on a vivid image of light for so long that when you ...

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Lack of sleep. Help?

I had this problem wednesday at 1 in the morning. It was quite strange because I randomly woke up at that time and when I closed my eyes to sleep ...

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Am I able to get into touch with my brother who's been in a closed adoption or no?

So when my brother was like 2 he got taken away from me and my mom. He ended up getting ...

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Google - Does anyone know of any popular message boards/ chat rooms?

I remember many years ago Aol used to have chat rooms and message boards and they were excellent! But ...

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