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Coast Guard/Retirement?

Has anyone joined the United States Coast Guard? I am currently considering joining the Coast Guard active duty for 10 years and then transitioning ...

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Mafia - How many Consiglieres can be in a family? Can a consigliere live on the east coast and?

... advise and visit on the west coast to help?

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What is the best East Coast town for an LGBT couple?

We are an LBGT couple who are just ready for a change. We love small little towns where everyone knows your name. ...

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What is the coast guard oath?

It Happened in July 8 July 1791-Secretary of Treasury authorizes collectors of customs to disburse for cutters and to pay officers as ...

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Why do so many japanese girls like australian men?

i study in gold coast uni study a japanese student.i expected there to be more china people here i was ...

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Which best replaces the question mark in the diagram above?

AWhite light makes it difficult for people to see stars at night. BDeerlick Astronomy Village was founded by ...

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There is a sunken city near Cuba. Does anybody have any explanation for how it got there?

Near the west coasts of Cuba there is a massive sunken underwater city. I am ...

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