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Were all DC and Marvel comics from the 40s, 50s and 60s aimed at teens and young adults? Or were?

... they originally for young adults and then they started making them for kids?

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What makes a comic/graphic novel character relatable?

I'm in the process of designing characters for a superhero themed comic taking place in a somewhat dystopian future. I want to tie in real world ...

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Can someone help me find an online fan comic possibly under the name of "Zootopia"?

Has no relation to Disney and has a demonic fox with red glowing eyes. Can't remember the exact name or creator.

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Which order should I read dc comics! they are so confusing :/?

i am new to comic book reading. i've read some of my friend's and now i'm hooked! but i ...

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What comic book series or graphic novels would you recommend?

if you give any suggestions, it would be nice if you said volumes rather than smaller comic books :) thanks!

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I need a good name for a comic book character that uses fear as a weapon?

I have been stumped on trying to figure out a character that can induce fear and use fear as a ...

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How do I draw marvel characters?

does anyone have any tips

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Where can I download '68 comics?

Hello! I wonder where can i download the comics called '68 (vietnam era based zombie comic). Is there any site where i can find ...

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