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What product or company in 2017 & 2018 has Vikings in a boat and it airs on ID or OWN channel?

In 2017 and as recent as 2018, there is a commercial that airs on the Investigation Discovery or OWN channel for a product that uses ...

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Hello, I hope you can help me with this as I am not very sure what to do. I had a gerbil whose?

... friend died (now he is 1 year and 4 months old apprx.). I got two more gerbils to keep him company (they are around 8-10 weeks old now) and ...

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Instagram - How do I eliminate 3 posts (representing my work) from the page of a company inactive...

... and closed? Without blocking anyone or other posts?. I don't like the quality of the image

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What are some of the legal issues in declaring bankruptcy?

If I declare that I am bankrupt, how will this affect me in the future for getting jobs? building a company? ...

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What would happen if there is no HR(Human Resource) in a certain company?

Hi I am Mary Angeline Ramos, i need answers to my question this is for study purpose.

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Needing unique cleaning company names/ideas?

I'm starting a small cleaning business and I'm having trouble figuring out creative catchy names. Something not ...

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I need a custom website design ?

is there any web development company where we can get services such as custom design, logo design, banner design etc.

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Verus Consignment For Buyers ?

Is this company safe for buyers ?

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