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Wife's period sytoms changes after not useing condoms?

... try to  conceive. in two months she would have cramping, sensitive brest, and few more things. after taking test and after having her ...

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Pregnant after a miscarriage?

Hi... i had a miscarriage on xmas day 2014. I was 6 weeks pregnant! we used condoms through out January cos i was advised to wait for my 1st period. ...

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Can I be pregnant?

If i inserted semen From A condom in my vagina 3Times In A week , & if i Injected Semen From A condom into my vagina with a syringe 2Times In One ...

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I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom but we stopped after two thrusts.. neither of us had?

... came but im still scared because i was a virgin, is there any ...

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Sex - Is it bad that my 14 year old brother has hidden condoms in his room and wallet?

I am 11 years old and I have recently found 3 condoms in my brothers possession. 2 ...

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Sex with someone on the 4th day of my period. ( I have a short cycle, so the blood was almost all?

... gone when it happened) He had a condom on and he was only inside ...

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Okay, my boyfriend and I had sex. No condom. Im on birth control?

Chances of me getting pregnant? Don't worry, I'm 17. Not a ridiculous 11 year old. People ...

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Period early and then late, help please?

Okay, so on July 30th I lost my virginity and yes, we used a condom and no, it did not break. I have not had sex since then ...

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