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Possible past life?

When I was a small child and had seen Mulan for the first time I felt an instant connection. Since then, as I got older it seemed the connection got ...

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Who is responsible?

Pax is traveling from “A” airlines n connection to “B” Airlines with a kid. Flight was delay, kid got hurt at “B” ...

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My Twitter says to check my internet connection, and it's perfectly fine. How do I fix this?

I've restarted my device, I've tried everything to try to get back on Twitter. But it's not working.

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How can I get closer to God?

I want to find a connection with God. I pray to Him every night saying that when I die, I want to go to Heaven. He doesn't answer, and ...

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What ways could a dragon speak instead of a mental connection or common tongue?

I am writing a fictional book with dragons in it. I don't really want the dragons to ...

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Should I tell my best friend I love him?

We have been best friends since we were 8 and now we are in our early 20's. We have always had a connection more then ...

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My wireless network is not being seen by my laptop ONLY, from my phone I can usebit, I heard someth?

My wireless network is not being seen by my laptop ONLY, from my ...

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I need help. My Wireless Internet does not give ANY of my devices internet?

Even though my computer says, when it has the connection, that it's providing internet. ...

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