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Which contact lens is best to see clear vision?

actuallay i want to use contact lenses therefore i need to know about.

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Will a new apartment I am applying for contact the person on my previous tenant ledger?

I was living with my mom who was paying the rent in a previous apartment. I applied for a new apartment with my boyfriend. Will they have any need to ...

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Is it possible a 13 year old virgin to get pregnant without any sexual act or contact of semen?

I was at my friends 2 to 3 months ago and her mother asked if I was ...

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Does my straight friend's prolonged eye contact signify he might be interested in me?

I am a bisexual male. I have a very close friend, fairly new too, who says he's ...

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Any social networking sites similar to facebook?

I was just curious as to know if there were any social networking sites on the computer i can use to "add" my ...

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Ex randomly texts after 1 year no contact?

details: -I cheated -tried to get back with him but he swore he would never get back with me -I left him alone -a year later ...

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Should I try to contact her?

Ok this may sound wierd at first but I just need help with this... So I was watching youtube like I normally do and suddenly when I watched a ...

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