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Trying to find the name of a treat I had?

A year back I had these cinnamon tasting thing it wasn’t round like a cookie but lots of small pieces kinda like a rectangle and it was crunchy ...

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How to fake a "raw egg flavor"?

I'm trying to make an edible cake/cookie batter that can be left at room temp without spoil" It needs that raw egg flavor in it.". I ...

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A package of cookies is a cube that has an edge length of 2 ½ in. They are packed into a larger.... that measures 40 inches by 10 inches by 6 ¼ inches. How many of the packages of cookies can fit in the larger box?

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Which dessert you love to eat.?

I love Red velvet Cheese cookies.

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Why do vegans act so ignorant?

my sister is a vegan and she is the dumbest person i know to live well one of the dumbest but every vegan i've known has made me eat ...

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Name of my sister?

my sister is three years old. she prefers to be called "sweet honey" or "sweet heart" , "Cookie"..Now..I needa name that ...

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Joyce use 3/10 bag of chocolate chip for each batch of cookies she makes. What is the least number?

... of batches joyce can make if she has to open a second bag of ...

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