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HELP Can you turn on an Alcatel Onetouch A392A Flip Phone without battery using just the power cord?

Please help I need an answer for this question asap if possible. Thanks. Can you turn on/Power on an Alcatel One touch A392A Flip Phone without the ...

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What to do if garage door emergency cord was pulled while in up position?

my garage door cord was pulled while it was still up. now i cant re engage the cord and the chain moves but the door doesnt. the chain doesnt catch ...

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How do I hook a laptop Dell computer to a Pioneer Elite sc-25?

Dell is wireless and I have adapter cords

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I spilled water on my power cord and now none of the outlets in that room work?

I had water on a table and it got knocked over somehow and spilt on my extension cord, ...

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Why is Umbilical cord blood banking necessary?

Why is Umbilical cord blood banking necessary? Is Umbilical cord blood banking worth for most people?

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If you pull the cord to turn off a ceiling fan but leave the switch on does that waste electricity?

If you leave the switch on 24/7 for a ceiling light and fan, but you ...

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How do I fix my Ipod Charger?

Today i was charging my Ipod and suddenly it stopped Charging. It is the cord part. Not the Plug, and it is a 3rd Party Charger

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Google - is my ps3 fried?

I plugged the part of my ps3 that goes into the power supply into the wall with an extension cord and then the power went out and now it smells ...

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