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Will my plane crash? It is a Delta flight from Atlanta to Albany and in late December?

I am really nervous and scared my plane will crash.

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If a UFO was to crash and the pilot survive, would the alien be protected by human rights?

Just a hypothetical question from some one who is trying to write si-fi. Just wondering if any country would have any guidelines as to what to do in ...

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Am I odd because Im always horney and?

i want really badley to crash my driving instructors car so i have to let him have sex with me because i cant pay it really turns ...

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Why the earth never crash into the sun?

if the earth circling around the sun because the sun pull the earth by its gravity and sun gravity is 28 more bigger than the ...

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What old movie is this: father is in plane crash over snowly mountains; two sons? try to find him?

the plain was yellow (?) and small. The boys were teenagers? And ...

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How do I get rid of this excess skin?

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie and I am currently 18 years old. At one point I weighed 170 pounds and lost 50 pounds mainly from ...

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My friend died a while ago, why did it take me so long to actually cry?

Why did it take so long though? She was one of my very first friends, I knew her practically my ...

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