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How to get bigger thighs?

I want Bigger thighs they just want grow big butt with small things I look crazy

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How important is a phone in high school?

I don't have a phone and I'm a sophmore. I'm scared that people won't like me if I don't talk to them after school. Am I ...

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I have a light w/toggle switch that started acting crazy. It's not plugged into a three way.

I turned it on and nothing. I turned it off and it came on then turned off. I turned it back on and nothing. I turned it back off and it turned on. ...

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Why do people act so stupid?

people always act so crazy they make fun of people thwey laugh then they act like theyb are so good so why do people act so stupid

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I haven't been feeling like myself lately?

Last week I felt like myself; outgoing, hyper, crazy, cute, I just have a alot of personality and I make everyone laugh. At the ...

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Vagina smells like smoked brisket?

I've gotten a new smoker and have been cooking like crazy on it. Today I ate smoked chicken thighs and yesterday ate smoked ...

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My bunny is always jumping randomly up in the air and twitch and do crazy things. Help!?

Please help me find whats wrong with my bunny

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World will end in 2012 ?

oh wow :( i just talk with some big kids from ma shcool and they talking bout news on the tv says that world is gonna end in 2012 !!! wow crazy ...

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