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Is there a game creation software that has quick create?

Is there a free game creation software that has a "trigger & scenario" style. Example: {*player* kills *creature* @ lvl(***), ...

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Old Online Game?

I am looking for the name of an online game that has these colored fuzzy creatures in bubble that you have to battle enemies to get them to their ...

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There is a octopus like creature in my basement. It is tan colored and slimy. What do I do?

The "creature" has four points, and a creamy colored center. In the ...

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If we evolved from monkeys then where did they come from?

How did these creatures first appear on the earth if evolution is true?

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What would you name a creature that feeds off memories??

So I'm writing this story and I've got these creatures which feed off human memories, but so a few ...

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Awesome baby names?

When I have kids I want to name them something really weird, nerdy and awesome. Like stuff from books or tvshows. I like beautiful creatures, harry ...

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What are some, extinct sea creatures, air creatures, or underground life?

Please, no dinosaurs Iv'e heard plenty about them.

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