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What song is played when you pick up an album case in far cry 5?

It is played in the background and it has kids singing

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Every time my parents bring up a flaw I know I have, why do I yell, cry and sometime violent?

As you may not know I'm autistic. I have a lot of problems facing my emotions. I feel sluggish all the time and I don't feel like doing ...

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What is a word for Sadness + Relaxation?

What is a word for sadness but relaxing, and comforting? Like you're depressed and wanna cry but happy from something freeing, at the same time?

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Im Getting bullied. What Should I do/?

I'm in 8th grade. I get bullied. I cry mostly everytime this kind of thing happens at school. Well my last name is very ...

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I want to die please help me?

I cry myself to sleep everynight. I have no one there for me. I lose all my friends after I try so hard to please them. But that's just ...

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In Far Cry 4, what would Pagan Min's hairstyle called? What would you tell a stylist if getting cut?

What would Pagan Min's hairstyle (Far Cry 4) be called exactly? ...

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What can I do to stop getting bullied?

So I'm 12 and a boy it my sound weird cuz I get bullied by girls. I am fat an kinda ugly. I usually want to sit down and cry ...

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