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My hair gets curly when I don’t use shampoo, what shampoo will help me keep the curls and smell?

... i haven’t been washing my hair with my shampoo every 2 days like i usually do, i noticed that my shampoo makes my hair straight. it’s ...

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Why do you have to wash out homemade hair cream can you not keep it in?

Am re-growing my hair which is really thick curly and mixture of soft version of afro blending in with the curly parts of my hair. Anyway I have used ...

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I need my hair straight, fast. Plz help!!?

I have naturally curly, puffy, and frizzy hair. I can spend hours straightening it, brushing it, and anything else to get it straight but it always ...

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Why does my hair get poofy?

whenever i take a shower my hair gets really puffy and frizzy. i do not have straight hair yet i do not have curly hair. its wavy. what can i ...

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How do I straighten my hair up?

I'm really embarrassed with my present hair style as it is too curly. I cannot comb it because none of the combs has gone through ...

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Is a texture for my daughters hair good?

she has tight curls that are really hard to manage. she is ten years old and is bi-racial. When her hair is wet its really long ...

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Hair straightening?

My hair is wavy but not that curly, I don't like it since I were small, I always prefer a layer cut with straight hair. I have done permanent ...

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Hair troubles?

My hair is naturally curly, blonde and frizzy. I have done every single overnight hairstyle and I have spent tonnes of money on products like redken. I ...

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