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1. Suppose the hourly wage is $10 and the price of each units of capital is $25. The price of output

... is constant at $50 per unit. The production function is: q = L0.5 K0.5 Suppose that the current capital stock is fixed at 1600 units

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Why cant I find out what happened to the WSJ prime rate on June 15th, 2023?

what is the current WSJ prime rate

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Removing voc toxins from the air? No preventive solutions, this is a current problem I'm having?

I ended up using spray glue in my basement and the toxins remain in the air in spite of ventilation. Every time I enter the basement, I get the urge ...

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Where can a former la fitness employee get their w2 form?

i was employed part-time at la fitness during half of 2011. i understand that current employees can access their ...

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Help answering these?

I'm applying for a job online and I'm not sure how to write out the answers 1. What is your current knowledge of pets, pet foods and pet ...

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Im looking for a business loan and tring to get around the down payment?

Im looking to expand my current business with a business loan. But don't have the down ...

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Help choosing an online username?

I would like to begin a channel on YouTube, but.... I don't like my current username that I use for everything. My name is Nicholas ...

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In 100 words or less, please tell us about your main achievements in your current role?

work as operation supervisor in bank

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