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How long dose a court to give back custody of a teenager and the teenager baby?

How long dose it take for my mom to get custody of me as a 15 year old and with a baby? If the court ordered that I can’t see her until she ...

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My Temporary sole custody question?

My sister told me that her daughters father, who has temporary sole custody of their child, told her that she has to ask him permission to buy gifts ...

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How many of you believe that in a divorce or custody case an allegation of DV is likely false?

Do people really believe that most women lie? If so, what makes you think this? I'm still shocked at how police and even the courts handled my ...

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My dad makes me have a bodyguard, what to do?

Ive been having this problem for so long. Im a 14 y/o girl and I live with my dad since I was 3 because my parents divorced ...

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My daughters health?

My daughter is 8 years old and her mom has custody. My daughter was diagnosed with asthma 2 year ago last year her moms husband took her to the dr. ...

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I'm divorced with custody of kids, shared parental decisions, I want to live abroad with kids, how?

The father wont accept me leaving with the kids, although the father ...

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My sons father trying to take custody away from me?

I was with my son's father for 3 years. Our son is 1 year and 10 months. I broke up with him because he did not ...

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