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Washing Machine - what would happen if I use dry-cleaning solvent in my laundry machine?

... machine? would it just work normally? If it won't, what are the dangers that stand to face?

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Is it true that vaporizers are safer than regular cigarettes?

As a smoker, I do know the dangers of cigarette smoking, however, I find it hard to try and quit the habit. ...

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What are benefits of meditation and uthe dangers? I'm 11 and I'm scared that something might happen?

I am Christian and I don't want to lose faith in God or start ...

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Is illegal for an employer to withhold information about a possible work danger?

"I work over nights" my supervisor approached me and the other gentleman i work ...

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What do I do?

I just saw a low-flying passenger plane flying very erratically. It wasn't ridiculously low, but too low and loud for normal things in my area. BWI is ...

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