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Washing Machine - what would happen if I use dry-cleaning solvent in my laundry machine?

... machine? would it just work normally? If it won't, what are the dangers that stand to face?

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Demosthenes (384-322 BCE) was an Athenian statesman who urged his fellow citizens and other Greeks?

1. Whom does Demosthenes blame for the danger facing Athens? How did the Peloponnesian Wars contributed to this situation? 2. How important is ...

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Is it true that vaporizers are safer than regular cigarettes?

As a smoker, I do know the dangers of cigarette smoking, however, I find it hard to try and quit the habit. ...

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What are benefits of meditation and uthe dangers? I'm 11 and I'm scared that something might happen?

I am Christian and I don't want to lose faith in God or start ...

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Is illegal for an employer to withhold information about a possible work danger?

"I work over nights" my supervisor approached me and the other gentleman i work ...

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What do I do?

I just saw a low-flying passenger plane flying very erratically. It wasn't ridiculously low, but too low and loud for normal things in my area. BWI is ...

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