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Awareness - Why do I seem more aware since my brush with death? My feelings have changed drasticall.

I just don't feel life the way I did before my accident. I feel it deeper and know it's more than what meets the eye?

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Would having a fatal heart attack technically be suicide?

Your heart is yours and if it fails on you thus causing your death, couldn’t you technically call that suicide? Sorry if this sounds stupid I ...

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Can a construction manager/superintendent be held personally liable for a death or permanent....

...injury that happens on a project that person is supervising?

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Why did God allow, Jesus to be put to death?

After Adam and Eve sin He allow His son to be put to death, why not another person or being to do it?

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Ok so I am scared of dying, not like I think i'm just gonna die any second, and I'm only in high school but every time I think about just dying of old ...

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Why should we save lions from suffering extinction?

why should we save lions from disappearence and death

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My birth certificate says something that makes me wonder?

So my birth certificate says on the side that I am dead. It says on the side "Certifier/attender: death ...

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Survey Questions on the Death Penalty?

How do you feel about the Death Penalty? a.) Strongly in favor b.) Somewhat in favor c.) Somewhat opposed d.) Strongly opposed ...

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