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What is Debt Collection?

When a debt collector or collection agency contacts to recover past-dues, debts from creditors, or credit card payment. All this procedure is called ...

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What is the best solution to buy a car when under debt review?

What is the best solution to buy a car when under debt review?

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How much of a 10k debt can I get reduced with an offer in compromise?

When dealing with the irs

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I need help writing this for my story?

So I'm currently writing a story that involves a young adult getting involved in gambling and ends up owing debts to a mob ...

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Credit card question?

I have $13,000 in credit card debt at 9.99% apr. I was thinking about transferring balance or partial balance to a different card with 18 month no ...

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A troubled debt restructring problem to be solved?

On December 31, 2014, Lakeside Inc. is in financial difficulty and cannot pay a $350,000 note (with a $35,000 accrued ...

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19, in debt and need help or advice?

So I was supposed to pay $124 on my taxes in 2011, parents was supposed to take care of that and never did. Now its $182. Just did my ...

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