So I was supposed to pay $124 on my taxes in 2011, parents was supposed to take care of that and never did. Now its $182. Just did my 2013 taxes and for some reason I have to pay in again, $136. I have/had a 2008 Toyota yaris, $310 monthly payment. Gave Toyota all my bank information to take the payment out of my account and they never did, I gave it to them twice, once they took it out of the wrong card, not even mine. So I get a bill saying I owe $930 somethin and that was in January. I just lost my job the 2nd of January because I was missing work because my grandpa was dying and he needed somebody with him because he was in and out of the hospital. About 2 days later my insurance was due, my mom said she would pay it and I would give her the money when she got back. Later that day I wreck my car by running it off the road due to the ICY Ohio weather and it turns out my mom never paid the insurance, so I get fined $2100 which delayed my shipment to the air force because its an open fine. So I'm in debt and don't know what to do, its too much for me to handle and I'm about to do the only thing I know that will take all this away. Please help.