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Google - Can I tittle a novel in English even though I'm writing it in spanish?

I'm a latina writter who is currently blocked when it comes to tittles for my next novel, is a thriller about a girl possessed by several ...

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Pazuzu is commonly depicted with a ball staff... what is it for?

As a kid i saw, what i would later find out is, Pazuzu. He was accompanied by others (7 in all) but the only other one that stood out was a hunched ...

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Am I possessed by a demon?( more details inside)?

In my dreams black wolves chase me towards a demon and the it pins me to a tree by my throat and carves symboles into my ...

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Is it a poltergeist or a demon.or a ghost or what?

This just started happening recently. I was sleeping and i heard a hiss behind me that woke me rigjt up. Also i hear ...

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How many good demon movies can you list?

i dont mean flesh eating or killing movies about demons i mean movies that are more believable and that deal with possession and ...

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