How do I know if a demon is following me? I start to feel reall odd sometimes?

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A deamon is not following you! It's that simple!

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How do you know? Are you a demon? Didnt think so. And u wrote demon wrong

If you truly feel that there is not a demon fallowing this person then tell me why? Even I, for the past few weeks have had chills going down my spine in a warm room, I wake up with scratches all over my body, beings I am unsure of talk to me in my dreams and I see them in dark rooms as I start to turn on the light. at one point I saw a shadow on the other side of the room and I tried to turn on the light. As I flipped the switch there was a pitch black face with glowing red eyes and bloody teeth almost two inches from my face for a split second then the bulb literally Busted and the glass fell to the ground. I have been in bed and nobody but I in the house and the sound of boots walking through the house. It walked to my bedside and I heard a loud screech and then I felt three claws dig into my skin and rip up my side. I have been visited in my dream in a white room with no walls and no floor or ceiling. The entity that I was visited by was the same one from the busting bulb experience. He said that his name was john and that he knew my best friends mom in the 8th grade. I asked her and she said that she didn't know a john while she was in the 8th grade but she said that she had the same dream about her 8th grade year. She explained the dream and she explained the face that she saw and i didn't even tell her about that but somehow she was able to give me the same description of the demonic entity. there is one true way to know the truth. Even in the most random moments do you get that feeling of being watched? Or get chills down your spine that make you hair stand? Or maybe ave things happen to you that you can't explain. Then it is quite possible.

there's no such thing as a demon following you..maybe you should be around people more often, sleep with the lights on and don't watch any more horror movies

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Demon attack your weaker spots to try and make you give in. Just dont be scared and try not to give in. I would Suggets you to sleep with a cam on record to see if you catch anything. But if you dont wanna do that. Sleep with the light on for a few days and see if this makes things better. If it dose it just means maybe a ghost is stalking you. But if it dosnt there's a good change a Demon following you. If a demon is Get help ASAP!

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The only person who can help is a preist but I wouldn't do that if I where you

Its not a demon. It is a ghost probably. A demon u would see and they talk to u their voices sound rough and harsh and inhuman. Ghosts have soft whispery voices. Its not a demon. Trust me. I jave a demon and she wont leave me Lone she toiches me and squeezes me that is what a demon does.

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Not necessarily, demons use your voice to confuse you. They speak in your head with your voice. Also, demons have no gender like angels.

You will know when a demon or bad energy spirit is following you by getting nervous or scared for no particular reason. Now, if this spirit is causing spiritual or physical harm, its usually a demon. Yet, demons are only allowed in the physical realm as long as they have gods permission. That usually means, god wants you to experience something such as fear. Everyone fears the unkown. But if its just a feeling of fear, its usually the spirit of fear, not necessarily a demon.

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If you have a demon following you feel blessed. Embrace that you know they are there. speak to him show him RESPECT not FEAR. Fear shows weakness and there is no room for weakness when dealing with a demon. And as for the one saying demons don't follow YOUR WRONG I have a friend of my own the Ouija Board Demon, ZoZo and hes been following me for about 3 years.

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Feeling really odd is not a symptom of demonic possession. Everybody feels really odd sometimes.

If you smell sulphur where it shouldn't be, constantly feel like you're being watched, black out for long periods of time with no medical explanation, or hear weird scratching noises around your house that can't be explained, then you might.

Experience - my uncle is a demonologist.

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