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Is it an eating disorder or just part of my mental illness?

If I go through phases where I starve/restrict myself because I want attention or I want to be skinny for the negative attention? I used to harm ...

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Is there a way to stop intermittent explosive disorder (IED) outbursts without meds or therapy?

Tried medication and all sort's of therapy, was just wondering if there was like something you wear or something else can't think of. Thanks

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What disorder causes one to act different ages?

This is not multiple personalities but a person that acts different ages of his own life.

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My anxiety is so bad I'm physically sick and puking everyday!?

I have ADHD and Anxiety disorder and I take meds for both. They work but not 100%. My Anxiety is very very ...

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What is another name for binge eating disorder?

bulimia obsessive diet disorder anorexia nervosa compulsive overeating disorder

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I have a anxiety disorder and I am 11. Is this a problem?

I have had it for almost 2 years now. I have known this for a year, but haven't done much about it. It ...

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Is this a sign of a mental disorder?

Ever since i was a child i always have had problems with being on task and paying attention. Many of my teachers have talked about me ...

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Help please !!!?

I told my mum I have an eating disorder after doing a medical test online and she basically said that I don't and I'm lying. She is usually ...

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