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What year was the circle instead of the dot made in hand writing?

found an old map with circles above the i's and J's instead of dots- trying to date the map- the words on the hand-drawn map was French ...

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If you are unfriended on Facebook can you still send that person who unfriended you messages...

...on Messenger? After you send that person that unfriended you a message on messenger, what does the green check in a circle mean? It's not a ...

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Did I just get my first period?

..Hi so I don't know if I just got my first period or not but I have had red and brown splodges and.dots in my undies and on the toilette paper ...

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Could someone help with a thesis statement, title and conclusion for an essay?

I have to write an essay for English that is due tomorrow at 9am on the dot and I got most ...

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Small red dots on top of vagina?

I am 14 and never had sex or period. they're not bumps just a lot of red dots on the top pubic area. Only itch occasionally but very ...

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I have a little black dot on my penis and a little yellow spot on the tip of my penis, Im worried?

Is this normal? I haven't been sexualy active. Plus im only 14.

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Could this be my first period?

don't know but It could have been my first period. Okay I just finish going to the bath room so I wiped the was a very small dot of ...

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