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What happens to skin after getting sunburnt in the same area repeativly over short periods of time?

Hi there I'm a person who burns easily and during summer I tend to get burnt multiple times with many of those times double or triple burns. ...

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What does it mean if you see double, triple, and quadruple numbers almost everyday?

I see a series of numbers almost everyday on clocks, license plates, bus numbers, ...

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I am 13 and I weigh 140 lbs, and I would really like to weigh a HEATHLY 100 lbs, help?

I really would like to be comfy in my own skin, not have thigh fat or no extra ...

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Breast reductions?

I am thinking about getting a breast reduction. I am in highschool and very active with sports. But I am petite and 5'1 with almost double ...

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Identify the accurate statement about adolescent suicide?

Identify the accurate statement about adolescent suicide. A) The adolescent rate in 2005 is double what it was ...

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What is double circulation ?

it is a question of biology related to heart

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