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I have a Wacom Intuos and the pen is working but the buttons (on my pen and pad) are not reacting?

The pen is not reacting to the double click that should zoom in but is not working. It is not just the pen but the tablet it self (buttons). I can ...

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1. Angie has 12 cookies, and a marginal value curve described by P = 45 - 3QA, while Benny has zero?

... cookies, and a marginal value curve described by P = 44 - 2QB. a) Draw a three-sided trade diagram, with Benny's marginal value curve going ...

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The plan of a line AB measures 80mm and its elevation 70mm.The midpoint of the line of 35mm infront?

... of VP and 20mm above HP one end. Draw the projections of the line and determine it's true length and true inclination to HP and VP?

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What can I draw ?

im good at drawing fantasy ,animals,anime,cartoon.....soo... any ideas ? thank u :)

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How do I tell a boy that I like him? I'm and in 5th grade?

He's really cute, funny, and loves to draw. He even drew a picture of me and gave it to me. I can't ...

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I'm thinking of dropping art class to take the better smarter math should I?

I enjoy art class alot but I can't draw without just copying a picture and also the art ...

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I don't know what to draw .__.?

My boyfriend is in a mental hospital because he had a mental breakdown and his parents want me to draw him a picture because they think it ...

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