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Wifi speed drops on one specific device?

I have three devices connected to a tp-link c 7 router using the 5ghz band. They all get 115M down and 12M up but one will slow down suddenly to 35M ...

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I'm a person with glaucoma. When I use eye drops I see things to be blurred but when I tell my....

...doctor she says it's the drops but the problem still persists?

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My boyfriend said that I should drop dead?

i have a boyfriend and we have been toghether for 7 months, he said to me (in a angry mood) that i shoult drop dead. how shoult ...

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Should I drop out of high school?

I have really been thinking about dropping out lately. In my opinion, school is holding me back. Everything I have ever learned, I have ...

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My iphone 5 unexpectedly shut down after me being outside when it was cold. I didnt drop it!?

i had my iphone 5 in my pocket while i was outside, but it was cold and ...

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A guy that I never thought I would like more than a friend I now like! How do I drop hints slowly?

We have been friends for about 5 months. We just started to become ...

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Okay here we go. I'm a guy and I had sex for the first time 5 days ago. I ejaculated inside my?

... girlfriend's vagina and hardly a drop of my discharge entered ...

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