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Why did a cuttlebone break overnight while sitting on the windowsill above my bed?

are these bones known to absorb bad energy? maybe i shouldn’t take them from the beach? etc. was in one unscathed piece- only a couple holes ...

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Answer me please?

The total amount of energy in the universe never changes, but the amount of energy available for work at any given moment varies tremendously. What ...

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What is more important, matter or energy?

I need this for some extra assistance on a class argument.

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How to choose quality LED light?

I urgently need to renovate house, I have been hearing that LED lighting is not only fashionable, but known as energy-saving and ...

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Gamma ray radiation falls in the wavelength region of 1.00E-16 to 1.00E-11 meters. What is the?

What is the energy of gamma ray radiation that has a wavelength of ...

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Why is energy lost as heat?

In a tropic level 10% of the energy is lost as heat for cellular respiration but, I was confused on weather it has something to do with the ...

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