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What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of different systems?

We often think of countries like the United States, France, England and Sweden (and many others) as being democratic. These countries differ in how ...

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Thomas Moore article - extra credit: in 5-7 sentences explain the following:

What is Thomas More’s “Utopia” (be descriptive, use quotes); What does More think is wrong with England or current society; What ...

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France - 4 England 0?

Why is it when an honourable French policeman sacrifices his life for all the right reasons and his killer also murders three others it's not ...

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Who can provide some details about VanCargo Express?

Has anyone used this delivery company? I want to buy a notebook from someone in England and he suggested we use this ...

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Am I Scottish or english?

right.. My mums Scottish and so is all her family, My dad is English and so is all his family, I was born in England and lived there about 4 ...

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Girls in england want sex? (girls only plz)?

hi i'm a 22 yr old male, 6foot, muscular figure. i live in london, class myself as good looking, charming and funny with ...

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I'm an Australian with a UK passport pregnant to my Latvian partner. Where is best to have the baby?

I was born in Australia and have dual citizenship due to my mother ...

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When I visit England I am called mam/madam instead of miss, I am 20 years old. Do I look so old?

When I visit England I am called mam/madam instead of miss, I am 20 years ...

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