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What will happen when 25,000 million liters of water enters the sea all of a sudden?

Water from land to sea due to collapse of a dam,

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Create a structure called time. Its three members, all type int, should be called hours, minutes...

... and seconds. Write a program that prompts the user to enter a time value in hours, minutes, and seconds. This can be in 12:59:59 format, or each ...

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When does the Snapchat score update?

Does anyone know when the Snapchat score updates? Is it every time the user enters the app, or just randomly?

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My birth certificate says something that makes me wonder?

So my birth certificate says on the side that I am dead. It says on the side "Certifier/attender: death ...

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Am I pregnate?!?

Hi. I'm 16. Last night I was with a guy friend and we were haniging out but it got intimate and we kinda got naked and ya. His penis did not enter ...

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I need help with a Python project?

I'm trying to make a greenfly population model, but I don't know how to make it run. I have got a menu and you can enter the ...

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How Old do you have to be to enter a casino?

I wonder how old u have to be. My dad says u have to be 18 or 21. I really want to know!

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