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What do I do if I work in an unhealthy work environment?

I work grill at McDonald's and I have eczema. My eczema went away for over a year but working grill is making it come bad worse than ever ...

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Pine Tree Problem?

So today I decided to go outside for a while. I felt like I had to go, so I decided to go to a Pine Tree (or the one with needles). The environment ...

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Q no 1. Muslims rulers made concerted effort to create hormony and an environment of?

... understanding with their Hindu subjects elaborate in details' give me correct answer

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How do you not get nervous at school?

I'm starting middle school and I'm always worried that I can't fit in.. I don't know many people well in my ...

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What are some ways to help the environment feel like a better place?

I want to join an environmental facility and help the Earth feel like a better place than have trash ...

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Please help me with science work? its very important!!!?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) All of the following are disadvantages of dams except high cost ...

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What kind of activities can harm the environment?

Im studying engineering school!!!

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