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Why would my GY6 150cc engine lose compression while stopped getting gas? Ran fine up till then?

... although I was missing the exhaust it ran fine . I had been having trouble with rust in my tank and finally cured that and it was running great ...

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Is there a chance I don't have a stock engine in my 99 Mustang?

We messed with the exhaust today, put a muffler delete and custom tailpipe on it. No big deal. Though my family pointed out that the orange ring of ...

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I put a 100w bulb in a 60w socket. Now the socket won't work. Do I need replace JUST the socket?

Or have I damage in the wiring behind the fixture? This is a bathroom ...

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Answer - 34.In a rocket. the mass of the fuel is 90% of the total mass.The rocket is blasted from?

... the launching pad.If the exhaust gases ejected at a speed of 2 ...

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Who would you go to to install parts for a car, air intake, exhaust system, lights. Ect?

Like what kind of shop would it be, if you could find someone for me, my area zip ...

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