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A fake friend?

I had a friend, well not really a friend, she was fake, she was a backstabber. I don't know why but I keep messaging her, like she will change. ...

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I regret telling my parents about my depression?

So, recently I told my parents about my depression. They seemed to want to try to help, and I thank them for that, but now it almost feels...fake. ...

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What is a good name for a fake school?

I am writing a short story for class, and I need a name for a school. I want it to be a really fancy and expensive sounding school, ...

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Does 100% pure gold melt in your hand?

real gold not fake gold

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Pregnancy scare!!!!! PLEASE HELP?

im a virgin and have a boyfriend. I wanted to have sex with him so we tried but it hurt too much so i was able to fake it. Basically he ...

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What is friendsbook?

What is friendsbook? Actually I heard this name in a show "Crime patrol" where a girl's fake Id was created in friendsbook. I thought ...

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