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Why does the the water vapor evaporate, jell together, and form a cloud up in the sky? You would?

... think the water vapor would go up so high, immediately precipitate, and fall back down to earth. look what happens when you take a shower: the ...

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How to control hairfall at young age?

My younger brother is facing hair fall from his forehead? He is 22 years old college student and suddenly he is having this issue. Please suggest ...

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A batch of 5000 electric lamps has been a mean of 1000 hours and a standard deviation of 75 hours.

Assuming a normal distribution a) how many lamps will fall before 900 hours b) how many lamps will fall between 950 and 1025 c)what is proportional ...

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I'm in love with two girls and I don't know what to do?

I've known (let's call one S and the other D) S for two years and I know I love her but since I met her ...

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I'm going to public high school, need help??

I have been homeschooled all of my life but this fall, I am starting high school and going to public school. And I am so ...

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