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Falling Stars in Revelations America?

As a student of The Bible, I have noted many times that the Book of Revelations seems to have no References to the United States of America. I have ...

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Falling from the sky?

So if you were somehow falling from the sky and hanging onto a pole sideways with a structure that holds it high like monkey bars, would I be able to ...

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How do you stop falling in love with someone?

I met this guy online about 2-3 weeks ago. He is the complete opposite of me especially in religion Im christian and ...

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Help! I'm having problems falling asleep!?

I will usually head off to bed at around 9ish. And turn off the light at about 10:30. I can't fall asleep until after ...

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Why am I allways so tired in lessons at school?

Im 14 and I allways get enough sleep but allways tired and get headaches oftenly in the afternoon. I just get bored and ...

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Help! I need to find a title for my fanfiction but I have horrible writer's block! Any suggestion?

The fanfiction is a love story about two girls falling in love with ...

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Me falling? (crush question)?

So i was on my way home with my sister and her friend stacy which is alex's cousin and then he comes out of no where and attacks me and ...

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