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Which NCIS episode had a Sherlock reference?

I am a big fan of both Sherlock and NCIS and I remember there was one episode of NCIS where Fornell says he's glad he watched Sherlock (he was ...

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Can someone help me find an online fan comic possibly under the name of "Zootopia"?

Has no relation to Disney and has a demonic fox with red glowing eyes. Can't remember the exact name or creator.

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What books would you reccomend?

I am looking for a goods read. I like all. Romance and fairytale like books. I absolutely.loved the selection series by Kiera cass, any ...

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What are drake's fans called?

Nicki Minaj has her barbies, Lady Gaga has her monsters and Jessie J has her heartbeats but what about drake?

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I put a 100w bulb in a 60w socket. Now the socket won't work. Do I need replace JUST the socket?

Or have I damage in the wiring behind the fixture? This is a bathroom ...

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Sex - This is the question of my friend,please answer?

A fan mechanic of my friends house (after repairing the fan of her room) came to her house 3 days after he left.He ...

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How many people are big Naruto fans?!?

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