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Does anyone know of a play that isn't a musical with these things?

A field with flowers and a woman in a fancy, old-fashioned dress who looks like she's singing or giving a speech (probably the latter if ...

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Huge goldfish with huge fancy tail?

So we won a bunch of goldfish at our kids school carnival 3-4 years ago. Well we still have 1 left. We had to move him from a 20 gallon tank, to a 75 ...

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Does anybody want baby fancy mice (as pets)?

I live in Indiana, and my mouse had babies that need a home in a few weeks.

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What is a good name for a fake school?

I am writing a short story for class, and I need a name for a school. I want it to be a really fancy and expensive sounding school, ...

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What does "fancy the pants off mean"?

Im rubbish with guys I'm very shy and unsure of myself but this guy I like apparently (according to a mutual friend a nice guy) ...

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How do I make my hair thicker?

How do I make my hair thicker without using any fancy products? My hair is fairly thick (a lot of people tell me that), but I have about ...

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How do I get a girl to like me?

I fancy a girl but she doesn't fancy how do I get her to love me???

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Who does god factor more??? The Arabs or the Jews??

We all have our own opinions so please don't mock anyone. Much appreciated! Just fancy chatting?! Gimme a buzz!!!

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