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Chances of supervised visitation?

Unfortunately my son is only 45 days old and the father has only seen the child 2 times since he was 10 days old. The baby was in the NICU for the ...

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How can I convince my parents to let me get a phone?

I've done everything from just asking them to writing essays, but my father still says that I can't have one until i'm 18. He says ...

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Night by Elie Weisel?

What is the irony in "How well they were treating me! Like an orphan! I thought: even now, my father is still helping me" (Night pg 75)?

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I am 13 and I am preggo, I have a boyfriend, he is the father we both want to keep the baby???

We aren't sure what we should do with the baby, I am 3 months preggo, ...

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Family relationship?

Which family relationships tend to be the closest in adulthood? Choose one answer. a. father and son b. mother and son c. father and ...

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Please help me I need to know if any of the 2 men is the father of my baby?

ok i had sex with my x december 19,20 then had sex with my friend the next day for the rest of ...

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Should I contact a long lost sister that I recently found on facebook who may not know I exist?

In 1971, my mother became pregnant with me when she was 19. My biological ...

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Baby names/nicknames?

My father passed away two years ago and I would love to name my son after his grandfather. My fathers first name was Luigi, I am looking for ...

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