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Based on the short story "In the Ravine" Based on Aksinya's actions in the story, talk about the...

.. role of fear in her life. What's her worst fear, short-term and long-term? What is she afraid might happen and how does this drive her to ...

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Is it okay to set aside my current still life oil painting to start a whole new painting?

I have a tremendous fear that if I set aside my current painting to start a new one that it will just sit forever unfinished, yet I also have so many ...

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How can I get over my fear of exercise?

I suffered with anorexia about 10 years ago and I had a bad experience with exercise and doing too much of it. I made myself quite ill doing a lot of ...

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I got touched in the wrong places by a neighbor when I was 9?

... I remembering me allowing him to do so because he claims that he can give me "love" (which I ...

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Im scared Im PREGNANT!?

Hi i am Shorty i am 15 and i have a fear of getting pregnant again even tho i want kids bad. I have been pregnant before but my parents never ...

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Am I depressed?

You see I have anxiety and major depression is my biggest fear. I'm afraid that I might become depressed to the point that I would commit suicide. I ...

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I always feel like I'm being watched in my house, and only my house?

I've lived in this house for about two years now... and I constantly feel like I'm being ...

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I need a good name for a comic book character that uses fear as a weapon?

I have been stumped on trying to figure out a character that can induce fear and use fear as a ...

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