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Should Quebec be an independent country?

Currently Quebec is in Canada. In fact, a lot of Canada’s profit comes from Quebec. But the French in Quebec fears they may lost their ...

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Why do we live in fear of our government when we are in charge?

If we are not happy with laws we can demand they change..we decide policy and procedure..I think the schools have been used to make us think of the ...

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Can someone tell me what the fear of electric chair is?

My BFDI of Bluey who has purple headphones on constantly and is a mixture of fire and ice has the fear of electric chairs and being electrocuted. Can ...

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I got touched in the wrong places by a neighbor when I was 9?

... I remembering me allowing him to do so because he claims that he can give me "love" (which I ...

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Im scared Im PREGNANT!?

Hi i am Shorty i am 15 and i have a fear of getting pregnant again even tho i want kids bad. I have been pregnant before but my parents never ...

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Am I depressed?

You see I have anxiety and major depression is my biggest fear. I'm afraid that I might become depressed to the point that I would commit suicide. I ...

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I always feel like I'm being watched in my house, and only my house?

I've lived in this house for about two years now... and I constantly feel like I'm being ...

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I need a good name for a comic book character that uses fear as a weapon?

I have been stumped on trying to figure out a character that can induce fear and use fear as a ...

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